The Courage to Look Within

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Our outer life is very visible. We have a family, we go to basketball games, we cook dinner, and have time with friends. Our inner life is a different story…we feel sad, happy, hopeful, and resentful sometimes. The entire portfolio of emotions…The question is: do we have the courage to look at our inner life? do we have the courage to observe and question ourselves? do we have the courage to work on what needs to be worked on so that our soul’s truth emerge from our depths?

Some people prefer to live just an outside life, and that is perfectly fine. Actually it can be much easier! Sometimes I would love to be less absorbed by my inner life…But I can’t! It is who I am…Analyzing my dreams, trying to find meaning to the synchronicities in my life, observing my inner feelings and thoughts are all part of who I am. Sometimes I go overboard, but it’s me!

Finding the balance is key. Balance between inner and outer life. Balance between heart and mind. Balance between action and inaction. Balance between holding on and surrendering to what is. I am learning finally to draw myself to that center, because it’s that center that provides grounding and peace of mind. It’s that center that keeps us real with an open heart. It’s that center that once discovered, can be the birth of our soul desires…

“Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling”. Carl Jung.


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