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Sharing is healing, is moving forward, is putting the final touch to a cake that has been baked. Sharing is realizing our humanness, our connection to people, to the reality that we are all one and the same. We all feel the same feelings, we all share the same stories, we all live similar situations, sooner or later. Sharing is expressing our truth in its totality, with our light and dark.

Sharing is an important step in our healing journey I believe. We can go through deep transformations inside but until we share and take the energy out into the world, the healing is not fully complete I believe.

Starting this blog has been very healing for me, like a final touch to my deep inner transformation (As if there is a final touch in the spiritual journey?). I discovered an unknown skill that I had deep down in my unconscious. When the teacher is ready, the student appears, right? This appeared out of the blue for me, and as it uncovered itself, I was ready to blossom.

Sharing our gifts is giving life force energy to oneself and to others. I believe we have a responsibility to do that to the world. And I am talking here of all kinds of gifts, material, emotional, spiritual, such as money, time, presence, or a smile. We can’t live absorbed in our own cocoon but must awake to make this world a better place to be.

“We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone, we find it with another”. Thomas Merton

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